15 June 2011

Isaac Reading

It's difficult to think we could create such a cute being.

25 April 2011

Sunny days and Easter

Isaac has gotten himself a little farmer's tan right now due to all the sun he is getting at daycare. He also gets to play every evening with Marvin and mom in the backyard. He really likes to be outside and throw Marvin's toys for him. The dog and the toddler are still just tolerating each other, but Marvin has allowed Isaac to pet him and has become more patient with Isaac.
Isaac got two more teeth at the beginning of this month. We had thought it was three at one point, and we are sure that he isn't done, we just don't know when they will come in!
Isaac had a great Easter. His mom was finally relaxed, because she had her Spring Break the previous week and she had turned in her final research paper for her graduate school work. It looks like she will be graduating on May 13th! Although she won't be attending the actual ceremony, some ideas are in the works to help her celebrate this accomplishment. Anyways, we decided to cook and celebrate with friends since we wouldn't be able to make it to see family. We met our friends Bruce and Christine at a local park to have lunch together. After some miscommunication on Annalee's part, we finally found each other and laid out our picnic appetizers. We had some wonderful crackers, glorious cheese, and tasty grape tomatoes. Then for our main course, we had ham, deviled eggs, warm balsamic potato salad, and greek yogurt coleslaw. The crown jewel on this meal was the lemon tart that Christine made. It was amazingly awesome, and I know that some are already planning for its next appearance! Bruce and Chris played with Isaac's toys, and we all took a long walk up to the putt-putt course. We got to see some people flying kites and narrowly avoided being hit. We also passed some great barbecues (especially a Korean chruch, that I almost filled up a plate at!). Isaac fell asleep in my arms on the way to the car, so we all headed home to take naps.
That night, we went to some other friends' house to have Easter dinner with them. Erin, Jacob, and Austin went all out for the Easter gathering. Austin and Isaac had fun playing outside together. Erin made cooked carrots, green bean casserole, corn mash, mashed potatoes, ham, asparagus, and rolls. We brought some deviled eggs again that were a big hit. Isaac ate most of his dinner and some of Austin's. We really enjoyed spending time with everyone, and we were spoiled with all the food. We took cheesecake home, because we didn't have room for dessert! Isaac was exhasuted, but he had a great day of playing and interacting with lots of fun people! Thanks to our friends for spending a the holiday with us and thanks to our families for thinking o fus even when so far away!

08 April 2011

Mamie and Papaw's visit

Isaac has had a lot of excitement over the past few weeks. First, he moved from the baby room to the toddler room at his daycare. He loves his new structured schedule and that all of the toddlers want to play with him. You can tell that he is the leader and that the other children like to play with him. So far he has enjoyed playing outside, dancing and singing along with the class, marching around the classroom, and doing lots of crafts and painting.

Isaac's Grandma and Grandpa Taylor (Chris's parents) sent down his first birthday gifts. Isaac has some new clothes for the summer, a ball, and some new books.

Last weekend on their way back from their winter home in Florida, Mamie and Papaw (my maternal grandparents) stopped by for a visit! We didn't make any big plans, but it was really good to see them and for them to see Isaac. We went out to eat and played at home with Isaac. We were really glad to see them and cannot wait to visit with them again!

Today Isaac and I are home from school. He had to come home due to some stomach issues. It sounds like he might be waking up, so I will go. It is amazing home fast 13 months go by!

03 March 2011

Isaac is ONE YEAR OLD!

Can you believe it? I can hardly. It seems like just yesterday, we were bringing him home from the hospital and adjusting to having a baby boy around. He is now so grown up, a toddler! Isaac is developing more of a personality and becoming more independent. He enjoys walking around and reading his board book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". He says mom, dad, dog, brown bear, I spy, and more.

Towards the beginning of February, we had to put Isaac on soy formula. He still nursed in the morning and at night, but he got formula during the day. The week of his birthday, Isaac started nursing only at night. He nursed for the last two times on his birthday and yesterday night. It is sad for me, because I really enjoyed that time with him. Isaac has quite a wide range of foods that he eats. Here are his favorites (still): avocado and blueberries. He eats the following foods: zucchini, squash, green beans, peas, chicken, turkey, pork, salmon, tilapia, beef, apples, pears, mangos, peaches, bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, tortillas, and most recently mandarian oranges. I am sure that I forgot a lot; he loves to eat! Isaac has a sensitive to dairy still and tomatoes don't work for him, so we avoid foods with that in them. He also does not like graduate meals or jar food anymore, so he gets real food to eat. When Isaac doesn't want to eat something, he throws it on the floor. His teacher at school says that he also rolls his eyes, but we haven't seen that at home.

For Isaac's birthday, my parents were here! Isaac was Grandma G's little buddy. He went to her and enjoyed letting her hold him, feed him, and play with him. On his birthday, Isaac wore his birthday outfit that Chris and I got him and bib that my mom got him. I made him some healthy carrot cake and his classmates got to eat some chocolate cupcakes at school. While Chris and I were at work and Isaac was at school, my mom and dad did a few household chores for us! It was much appreciated and probably the best gift that could be given to this busy family! We ate some great pork and potatoes for dinner. Grandma G and Papaw Sam gave Isaac a big yellow dump truck. He loves to put his toys in the back and dump them out. After dinner Isaac, Grandma G, Papaw Sam, and I ran to the mall to get Isaac some shoes. That was my parent's gift to Isaac for his birthday. When we got back we had dessert with our friends Bruce and Christine. Everyone got to choose between healthy carrot cake and cherry pie that I bought for my dad's birthday. My mom did not like my carrot cake unless it had whipped cream cheese frosting on it. My dad found a new friend in Bruce, and he has already told me that I must include a game night with Bruce and Christine on our next visit. Isaac got some really nice cards for his birthday and phone calls from far away family. Bruce and Christine gave Isaac two pairs of jeans and two striped shirts that he will look handsome in! Thanks to all for the gifts; Isaac felt so loved!

On Saturday, we got a later start. We went to Brick House for lunch, which everyone enjoyed. Then we went to Discovery Place Kids. It is a museum designed for kids aged 0-7. Isaac had an amazing time. He loved playing in the water, walking around the "farm area", ringing the bell in the ocean area, sliding down the firemen's pole, building with large legos, and working on a car in the mechanic area. We did not even make it to the upstairs part, because Isaac was exhausted! He had so much fun, and we cannot wait to take him again. For dinner, we went to Railroad BBQ. It was very delicious. I enjoyed my first bite of macroni and cheese since Isaac was born. It was wonderful. Chris and I also gave Isaac his birthday present from us. We got him a blue wagon. He loves going on walks in his new wagon.

On Sunday, we went to brunch before taking my parents to the airport. Isaac had such an enjoyable weekend that he ended up succumbing to his sleepiness and put his head down on the table and slept. After my mom finished eating, she held him. Isaac was sad to see his grandparents to leave. We had such a fun birthday weekend.